Monday, September 14, 2015

Claire's 3rd Birthday: Cake and Presents

Claire helped me pick out what cake she wanted. I logged onto Pinterest, searched "Mermaid Cake" and let her pick her favorite. Even after we chose the cake, she'd still ask me every day if we could look at pictures of "giant cakes" on my phone just for fun. Richie picked up the cake a couple hours before the party. Claire couldn't stop talking about it..she was so excited!

This was the part of the party that I was most excited for. She's talked a lot about birthdays the past couple months. She makes cakes and candles out of play doh. If I can't get her to eat her food, I wrap it in paper towel and sing "Happy Birthday" to her and she'll happily eat it. Each day she pretends it's one of her princess dolls birthdays and she'll sing to them and give them presents. You get the idea.. Claire LOVES birthdays. And this was the day that she finally got to have everybody sing to her and give her presents. She was in heaven. 

 "Do I really get to eat that cake now?"

Blowing out candles. 

I LOVE this picture. It was the moment she had been waiting for and talking about for months--everybody singing her Happy Birthday and getting to blow out a birthday candle! :)

She was pretty excited about eating the cake too. :)

This little girl is beautiful in every color!

It wasn't hard to get her to smile for this picture. ;)

Then Claire got to open presents! 

She got spoiled by everyone and got so many fun things!

These two pictures are Claire opening her "Rapunzel Styling Head." We were at Ross, she saw it and picked it off the shelf. I told her that maybe she could ask for it for her birthday. Her Birthday wasn't for two-ish months so I figured she wouldn't remember the gift until she opened it. Boy, was I wrong. She asked for this present EVERY DAY until her Birthday Party. 

Her reaction to opening the Rapunzel toy was so funny to watch. She was most excited about a $10 toy! She's only played with it once or twice since opening it though. I think Connor likes it more that she does, actually! And I like it too because it means that Connor pulls Rapunzels hair instead of mine. ;) 

It was a fun party and such a great day! Happy Birthday Little Claire Bear! :)

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