Thursday, August 13, 2015

This and That

These are the pictures that didn't really fit into any other blog post, so they're a little random. :)

Richie and I surprised Becky on her Birthday and showed up at her house. We told her we were there by taking a selfie and sending it to her. I also love this picture because Richie and I hardly ever take pictures together anymore. We're normally just sticking the camera in the kiddos faces. :)

I made Claire a little craft corner. She loves it!

Richie is almost done organizing our garage. I smile EVERY time I open the garage door and see these tools lined up so nicely. 

I wish I could capture the pretty sunsets we have here in Herriman. Pictures don't quite do them justice. :)

Well, that catches me up on blogging on all the pictures on my computer! Now to do the pictures from my phone and camera...

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