Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Sunday Best

Dressing the kiddos up is fun, but it's especially fun on Sunday! Here's a few Sunday outfits.

Connor and Mommy

Photo bomb haha.

Claire, Mommy and Connor. 

Claire wanted some pictures of JUST her. 

These are dance poses. She copies "poses" out of her ballerina princess book haha. 

Daddy and Connor and his favorite baby tooth brush.

I don't think this was on a Sunday, but he was dressed up a little fancy, so this picture got thrown in this post. Isn't he the cutest?

Mom and Connor. 

These pictures were taken after church one day. Since Independence Day, we've frequently been bribing Claire with sparklers and pop-its. "Take a good nap and we'll do some sparklers."  or "Eat all your dinner and you can throw some pop-its!" Works (almost) every time. :)

Connor wasn't so impressed haha.

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