Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Playing with Mom and Dad

Helping Daddy on the computer!

Snuggling with Dad at Winger's. 

Posing with Mama. 

Our family uses Whatsapp a lot. This picture was a "family selfie" that we sent out on there for some reason haha. I need to take more pictures of ALL of us!

A Baskin Robbins run. 

Connor was content just chewing on a spoon. I think he wouldn't have minded a little ice cream though. 

This is how I manage to get ready in the mornings: Claire playing in my sink. 

She calls it her pool. 

Love this girl. :)

I was reading this book to Claire the other day. For those of you who can't read it;

"That's not my monkey. It's eyebrows are too hairy."

Claire then interrupted me and said, "JUST LIKE DADDYYYYY!" 

Riding the train at the mall. 

Playing with Daddy's phone. Don't worry, it was only the lock screen haha. 

Car shopping with Mom and Dad!

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sNick said...

Those kids are so cute I can't stand it!