Friday, August 14, 2015

Gwilliam Family Reunion

We had a Gwilliam family reunion a couple weeks ago. 

We looked at all the animals and played in the indoor playground. 

Then we watched part of a movie. The 3D scared Claire, so we left haha. 

That night we went to a park to play games and have a BBQ. 
Claire played on the playground for almost three hours straight. 

Connor hung out with Daddy most of the time. 

We played bubble soccer. I was completely terrible, but it was fun!

My dad was in front of the grill for a good chunk of the night. He's the best. :)

Connor and Daddy. 

The next morning we did a craft for the kids.

Then we had a yummy breakfast. 

Then we went to a splash pad. 

Claire spent the whole time filling a cup up with water and then pouring it on me haha. 

Afterward, we went to visit my grandparents graves. Then we took some family pictures. It was a fun reunion!

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