Friday, August 14, 2015

Dress Up Time!

I don't think a day goes by that Claire doesn't put on a couple of different dress ups. I love how much she loves playing pretend!

Lily, Claire and Brynn playing dress up. I love Claire's smile and pose in this picture. 

Playing dress up with friends! They were also having a dance party right here. 

Making "accessories" out of play doh. 

Claire was having a complete melt down one day. Nothing I was doing was calming her down, so I threw some panties on Connor. She laughed and laughed until she ended up with the hiccups. Sorry Connor!

I bought this almost a year ago, but Claire refused to put it on until last week. It looks SOOO cute on her. It might be used for her Halloween costume this year.  

Nana Preece brought back this Kimono for Claire from California. She loves it! We call it her Mulan dress. Isn't she adorable in it? :)

Claire's birthday party is going to be Little Mermaid. So I obviously had to buy some mermaid pants for the occasion. Grown-ups can dress up too, right?

Claire ran to her room on her own, picked out some panties, put them over her chest, and said, "Mom look! I have sea shells!" I told her I wanted a picture, so she posed like this. This girl is the best. 

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