Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Con Man!

This boy is arguable the best behaved child out there! We love him so much. He's six months old and already growing out of his 12 month clothes. Stop growing, Connor!

Sunday best. 
Nap time. 
BIG yawn. 
Hair just like Daddy. 

Laying on the floor, under his tent, right next to Richie might be his favorite activity. I love his face in this picture haha. 

"Mom, more milk. Now."

"Ok, now I'll smile!"

Most of his pictures turn out this way. His little hands and feet are always moving, so he's usually blurry haha. 

Milk drunk.

This is back when he'd nap in my arms.

I think maybe he was sick? Just look at that adorable pout. :)

Chewing on his fingers.. I didn't realize it at the time, but he was probably teething! He already has two teeth and they are SHARP. 

He's stopped doing this now, but the first 4 or 5 months of his life he'd always put one hand behind his head to sleep. I hope he starts doing it again because I think it's so adorable. 

Richie holding Connor. I think he forgot that Claire put her necklace on him. :)

This is when he was first able to hold his head up a significant amount. Again, he was teething, so there's lots of drool. :)

Staring contest with Daddy!

Uncle Mike coming to visit.

Snuggling with Daddy. 

Snuggling with Mommy. I think this was right before his haircut. 

He loves chewing on his feet. Yum!

That smile. <3

We love you Con man!

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