Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Claire Bear!

I don't know if the rest of you have noticed, but I take pictures of my kids...quite frequently. So here's a blog post where the only theme is.. well.. Claire. :)

Wearing daddy's hat. 

Helping Daddy shop. 

Pictures at the temple. 

Doing puzzles. 

Duck face with Mommy. 

Wearing a Rapunzel dress up, doing a Rapunzel puzzle. 

This is how I caught her sleeping. 

Eating yogurt and spaghetti--potentially the two messiest foods out there. 

Claire has cuter shoes than I do..

I told Claire she looked like an astronaut. She looked at me like I was crazy. 

This was the first picture she drew all by herself. It's kind of old, so she's gotten much better at drawing people. I'll have to post an updated picture. :)

Making homemade necklaces. 

Another face. If I remember right, this was Daddy. 

Snuggling with mom.

"Claire, do you want scrambled eggs for breakfast?" 
"Yep. And strawberries. And Toast. And uncooked toast. And Milk. And water."

Hair like a bow. 

I think Claire told me to take a picture of her here haha.

Princess bed!

Taking a selfie. 

More shopping with Dad. I think Dad also did the hair. ;)

Hair style. 

Playing Daddy's guitar. 

More pictures with Mommy. 

Helping Daddy work power tools to build some shelving. 

She was SO excited to help!

Claire went through a phase where she would do puzzles for a couple hours at a time. 

She also went through a pom pom phase. Any craft that we did had to have pom poms involved haha. 

Claire riding her horse in her cowgirl outfit. So cute. :)

At the park with Mommy!

Look! I'm like Jake and the Neverland Pirates!

We love this sweet girl! Don't worry, we have many more pictures of Claire to come!

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