Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Claire and Connor

I tend to take lots of picture of Clarie and Connor. Had you all noticed? ;)  So here's a blog post of pictures of them!

Connor in his car seat. His cheeks get stuck under the straps when we buckle him in, and we have to pull them out. LOVE those cheeks. 

Both kiddos knocked out in the car. 

Connor LOVES his shark and banana brushes (and his corn--not pictured). 

Claire having a little melt down. I wish I could remember what she was crying about because it was funny. (Sorry future Clarie!)

Connor chilling on Claire's Minnie chair. He loves getting to watch what we do. 

Connor loves chewing on his feet. Yum!

This was before his first hair cut. I've cut it twice since then. The top part grows sooo fast! 

Snuggling in bed. 

I attached two balloons to Connor's legs. Best. Idea. Ever. 

Smothering brother with good night kisses. 

Playing under our tent. 

Connor LOVES his jumparoo. He's definitely a future high jumper. 

Claire reading books in bed. 

Connor has fat rolls on his knees. 

We've been working so hard to get Connor to eat solids. I tried strawberries in a little net thing. He wasn't impressed. 

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Paige said...

I remember Claire's melt-down was because she saw a fly lol.