Thursday, August 13, 2015


Claire loves bowling, so we try to go about once per month. She used to not care if she hit pins, but she's starting to understand it more and she gets sad if her ball doesn't hit down many pins.

She's also getting pretty good at carrying the ball around herself. It makes me so anxious though haha. 

Daddy tried showing her how to throw it by swinging it between her legs. I should have taken a video of this throw haha. 

Every time Claire finishes her turn, she does a victory jog back to her seat. I love it!

Look at that proud face! :)

Connor sat in his seat and flirted with Mama the whole time. He's such a happy, content boy. 

Mom bowling. 

Despite us regularly bowling, we're still the WORST. Yes, Claire did beat me haha. 

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