Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Playing with Mom and Dad

Helping Daddy on the computer!

Snuggling with Dad at Winger's. 

Posing with Mama. 

Our family uses Whatsapp a lot. This picture was a "family selfie" that we sent out on there for some reason haha. I need to take more pictures of ALL of us!

A Baskin Robbins run. 

Connor was content just chewing on a spoon. I think he wouldn't have minded a little ice cream though. 

This is how I manage to get ready in the mornings: Claire playing in my sink. 

She calls it her pool. 

Love this girl. :)

I was reading this book to Claire the other day. For those of you who can't read it;

"That's not my monkey. It's eyebrows are too hairy."

Claire then interrupted me and said, "JUST LIKE DADDYYYYY!" 

Riding the train at the mall. 

Playing with Daddy's phone. Don't worry, it was only the lock screen haha. 

Car shopping with Mom and Dad!


We've been working for over a month now on convincing Connor to eat "solid" foods. This chain of pictures pretty much sums up his opinion on food. 

A couple days ago, I sat down with Richie and complained to him that I'd be nursing Connor until he was 5 if he didn't start eating some real food. The next day he ate pureed corn and LOVED it. It's kind of a weird first food to like, but I'll take it!

Family time!

Connor playing with Nana and Papa

Picture of my Dad and Connor side-by-side. I LOVE that Connor looks like my dad. It makes me smile every day. :)

Connor didn't get to meet his "California Cousins" until they moved here a couple week ago. We're so happy to have them here! Connor meeting Griffin. 

Meeting Gavin. 

And meeting Brynn. 

Amy and I babysat the 7 Gwilliam grandbabies one day. It was so fun! They all play so cute together. 

Papa is a baby whisperer. Connor falls asleep on Papa's lap any time he holds him! Connor never falls asleep for me like that, especially not with me sitting down!

Claire and Connor

I tend to take lots of picture of Clarie and Connor. Had you all noticed? ;)  So here's a blog post of pictures of them!

Connor in his car seat. His cheeks get stuck under the straps when we buckle him in, and we have to pull them out. LOVE those cheeks. 

Both kiddos knocked out in the car. 

Connor LOVES his shark and banana brushes (and his corn--not pictured). 

Claire having a little melt down. I wish I could remember what she was crying about because it was funny. (Sorry future Clarie!)

Connor chilling on Claire's Minnie chair. He loves getting to watch what we do. 

Connor loves chewing on his feet. Yum!

This was before his first hair cut. I've cut it twice since then. The top part grows sooo fast! 

Snuggling in bed. 

I attached two balloons to Connor's legs. Best. Idea. Ever. 

Smothering brother with good night kisses. 

Playing under our tent. 

Connor LOVES his jumparoo. He's definitely a future high jumper. 

Claire reading books in bed. 

Connor has fat rolls on his knees. 

We've been working so hard to get Connor to eat solids. I tried strawberries in a little net thing. He wasn't impressed. 

Sunday Best

Dressing the kiddos up is fun, but it's especially fun on Sunday! Here's a few Sunday outfits.

Connor and Mommy

Photo bomb haha.

Claire, Mommy and Connor. 

Claire wanted some pictures of JUST her. 

These are dance poses. She copies "poses" out of her ballerina princess book haha. 

Daddy and Connor and his favorite baby tooth brush.

I don't think this was on a Sunday, but he was dressed up a little fancy, so this picture got thrown in this post. Isn't he the cutest?

Mom and Connor. 

These pictures were taken after church one day. Since Independence Day, we've frequently been bribing Claire with sparklers and pop-its. "Take a good nap and we'll do some sparklers."  or "Eat all your dinner and you can throw some pop-its!" Works (almost) every time. :)

Connor wasn't so impressed haha.