Thursday, July 16, 2015

Truth Thursday

  • Sometimes your child eats goldfish and then uses your toothbrush. 
  • Claire pouted today and said, "I don't like when my feelings feel bad. 
  • Phrases that have come out of my mouth this week:
  1. "Claire, don't pull food off your foot and put it on daddy's sandwich."
  2. "Fold your arms for the prayer or I'm eating your fruit snacks."
  3. "Yes, that booger does look like a mountain. Now eat your lunch."
  • I was climbing a ladder to get a storage container in the garage. Claire asked if she could climb the ladder and I told her she couldn't because it was too scary. She said, "Wow Mom. You're a brave little sweetheart for climbing the ladder!"
  • Connor gives me courtesy laughs. If he's tired and I'm trying to get him to laugh, he'll stare at me for a while, and finally do a single "ha" before going back to staring. I really need to get it on video. 
  • Claire is obsessed with Palace Pets lately. We gave her a new one and it has a Tiara that goes on and off. She starts playing with the toy and the Tiara falls off. She picks it up, sticks it back on, and says, "Look mom! It's removable!" Removable is arguably the cutest word coming out of a two year old's mouth. 
  • I asked Claire to snuggle with me recently. Her response? Running back to her room and gathering as many book as she could carry and saying, "Once you read me ALL these books, then I'll let you snuggle buggle with me."
  • Connor had a slight fever a couple days ago. Any time I take his temperature, I have to take EVERYONE'S temperature, because, you know, it's so fun. Then Claire asked to take my temperature. She held the thermometer to my forehead, pushed the button, and then said, "Hmmmm.. eight dollars!" Love her. 
  • Sometimes both of your children fart on you at the same time. 
  • We gave Claire a new necklace (she loves jewelry). She wore it for a while and then took it off. She hands it to me and then says, "Will you put this in my collection so it won't get lost?" Thanks to Ariel for teaching my daughter the word collection!
  • A while ago, Claire gulped a ton of milk from her sippy cup, stored it in her mouth, and spit in on the counter. All just so she could "lick it up like a goat." (See below picture)
  • A while ago, I mentioned to Richie that he needed to start pulling Claire's hair back before giving her messy food items. (It's funny the things you need to teach men about long hair.) A day or two later Richie reheated some lasagna for Claire's lunch. When I came into the kitchen I noticed that her hair was pulled back. I complimented Richie on listening to me and started eating my lunch. A little while later I got a better look at Claire's hair. Richie had used a CHIP CLIP to pull back her hair. I just about died of laughter haha. 

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

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