Friday, July 3, 2015

Thanksgiving Point

We went to the farm at Thanksgiving Point a couple weeks ago with my family. We started off by feeding the goats. Claire was hesitant at first. After she saw Lily and Kate doing it, she was a little more willing to hold the goat food. 

She thought it was so funny that they licked their food out of her hand. 

Look at that face--pure joy!

This little goat rode around on the bigger goat's back. So funny. 

Claire and Mommy. 

We walked around and looked at all their animals they had there. Then we went to ride their ponies. Claire was SO happy to get to ride a horse. She has talked about it so much since we've done it. I was so proud of her for hopping right on! She's really scared of cats and dogs, so I thought she might be hesitant with a bigger animal. Way to go Claire!

Kate was brave too!

Lily rode her horse like a champ. 

Claire was so fun to watch. You could tell she thought she was a little princess riding around on a horse. 

The grounds there had a couple of different places that toddlers could play on. 

Then we rode a horse-drawn wagon. The girls loved the ride!

We ran into some goats that were going for a walk, so we fed them again. 

I took this picture of Connor while we were in the indoor play area. I thought it was hilarious haha. 

The indoor area had different toys that taught the kids how a farm worked. 

We had a fun day!

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