Thursday, July 2, 2015

Sibling Love!

These two kiddos are the cutest siblings. It's so fun to see Claire be a little "mommy" to Connor, and it's fun to see him play and interact with her in return.

Ready to go to church. 

I set Connor on my bed so I could fold some clothes, and Claire immediately ran and snuggled under my covers haha. 

Video chatting with Nana Gwilliam. 

Claire loves putting Connor's binky in his mouth...

And singing to him...

And giving him lots of kisses!

And then she asked me to take a picture of  just her haha. 

Claire LOVES when Connor gets to snuggle in her bed. She piles her blankets on top of him. If you knew how attached she is to her blankets, you'd understand what an act of true love this really is haha :)

We frequently send selfies to Daddy. 

Connor snuggled with Claire for a couple minutes while she watched her bedtime show. 

I love his face in these photos. He is SUCH a relaxed baby. I think it's mostly in part because he gets nuzzled and smooched by his big sister all day!

Claire loves acting like baby Connor. He stuck his hand in his mouth, so she had to do the same. 

Visiting Daddy at work. 

I'm so excited to see these two grow up together!

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