Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Truth Tuesday

  • When you're awake half the night (holding a newborn baby), you get a little desperate for entertainment. I just searched my browser history and the past few nights I've read "19 Cats That Made Poor Life Decisions," "The 5 Best Meme's about Kim Kardashian's Hair," and "9 Things Only Girls Who Grew Up With Brothers Will Understand." The last article was actually pretty good haha.
  • The two weeks after having a baby are hard, tiring, emotional, etc. But there's something SO gratifying about eating unnaturally huge amounts of food and still losing weight. My advice to friends who are having babies soon: eat tons and tons of food and watch your weight on the scale go down. Those two weeks are pretty much the only time in your life that it'll happen, so enjoy it! :)
  • Phrases that actually came out of my mouth recently:
 "Richie, we need to hurry and eat some of this candy 'cause it's falling out of the bowl." 
"I'm so embarrassed at the amount of cookie dough I just ate. Just kidding, I'm actually impressed."
"No, Connor doesn't want to wear your princess panties like a hat."
  • Used Connor as a drink coaster today. He didn't seem to mind.
  • I had to set up a play doh budget. Yes, you read that right. A budget specifically for Play Doh. That's how much Claire loves Play Doh (and how often we have to buy it). 
  • Connor peed on his own face the other day. Afterward I had this realization that if you're a male, there's a 99.9% chance that this has happened to you too. Sure, women might be hormonal and emotional, but at least we don't pee on our own faces.
  • Claire told me she was cold, so I went to get her robe. When I came back she was enthusiastically clapping and she yelled, "Mom, you're the best! Like Minnie Mouse!"
  • Yesterday, I was nursing Connor, talking to Richie on the phone, and making shapes out of Play Doh for Claire all at the same time. Multi-tasking FTW.
  • Some days I think I'm a super awesome mom and then other days I find scrambled eggs in Claire's panties. 
  • Both of my children are asleep and I should be cleaning or napping or weeding. Instead I'm eating Claire's Easter Candy and blogging. #priorities
  • I straight-armed a high school student the other day. But it was totally justified because he wasn't watching where he was going and he was about to trample Claire.
Happy Tuesday Everybody!


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Ed and Kim's Wyoming Adventures said...

This was hilarious. I'm impressed with all that you accomplish and of course, that your baby peed on his own face. It happens.