Sunday, April 12, 2015


Richie already posted all about Connor's birth HERE. But we didn't really put any pictures, so here's some pictures. 

The hospital room. This is where they did the apgar test. .

These are all the instruments they came and laid out before delivering Connor. Talk about intimidating haha. 

This is me waiting for Connor to make his appearance. It was some time during the middle of the night. 

Right after Connor was born. 

Proud Daddy and Connor. 

Daddy, Connor and Mommy. 

His hands went straight to his mouth. And they've been there ever since haha. 

Skin to skin with Mommy. 

Connor getting checked out. 

Connor getting a bath.

All clean!

This was the next day. 

We had some visitors at the hospital. 

Papa Preece

Nana Gwilliam

Papa Gwilliam


Nana and Papa Gwilliam

We had other visitors, but that's all I managed to get pictures of. 

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