Saturday, April 11, 2015

Connor's Blessing Day

We blessed this handsome little boy yesterday. Richie's mom saved his blessing outfit (from 26 years ago!) so Richie could pass it on to a son. It fit Connor so cute! :)

We blessed Connor at my parent's house. Here's Richie dressing Connor in his little outfit. 

We're a family of four now! 

 Connor got passed from person to person the whole night. He's one loved little baby. He was also in a bunch of pictures. Most of them he didn't know about. :)

Nana and Papa Preece with Connor.

Papa Gwilliam, Richie, Connor, Papa Preece. 

All the men who helped bless Connor. What a handsome bunch. :)

Nana and Papa Gwilliam with Connor.

Mommy with Connor

Mommy, Daddy and the little Con man.

6 chicks (minus a vacationing Hailey) with Connor. He's already a little heart breaker. :)

Nana Gwilliam with Connor. 

I didn't take pictures of any of the decorations, but here's one of the tables. 

I also didn't take many pictures of guests. Luckily, my mom ran around and took pictures of everyone there. Here's everybody that came out to support us:



It was such a wonderful night. Thanks to all our friends and family. We love you all!

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