Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Connor is a sweet, adorable baby. Here's the proof:

He's generally under a pile of toys. Claire is getting really good at "sharing" :)

Richie and Mini Richie. 

Snuggling in my ring sling. 

Anytime he falls asleep, he puts his hands by his face (as long as he's not swaddled).

Richie and Mini Richie (again)

He's even cute when he cries. 

"Mom, stop taking pictures of me!"

He has major man hands. 

Wide awake!

I love styling his hair in a little faux hawk. It's so long!

Thug life. 

I think this picture is so funny! He's smirking. He looks so mischievous haha. 

Crying again. When he turns bright red, it makes him look even more blonde! haha

This picture was about 30 seconds after the one above it haha. 

Claire likes to crawl under his tent and hold his hand.

Blue steel. 

More of the faux hawk. 

All dressed up for Easter dinner. 

Mini Richie!

It's pretty rare that Connor will snuggle on my chest, so I had to snap a picture to send to Richie as proof... 

...then Connor fell asleep like ten seconds later. 

He seriously always poses with his hands by his face. So sweet. 

Big smiles!

Sleeping again.

"Check out my muscles!"

Handsome little gentleman. 

Snuggling with Mommy. 


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Kathie said...

He is so so cute! Love that hair. What is with you two having blonde babies?