Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Truth Tuesday

  • Claire has learned that the people who pass the sacrament at church are called deacons. She now feels the need to cheer for them. "Go deacons! GO! GO! GO!"
  • Yesterday Richie walked in the door from work. Normally when he comes in the door, Claire drops whatever she's doing and runs to him and hugs him. This time, she paused what she was doing, looked at him, looked back down at her playdoh and asked, "How was work, Daddy?" Apparently she wanted to be like Mommy haha. 
  • Claire pronounces hamburger incorrectly (hangerber). I've started saying it that way too in hopes that she'll continue saying it. I think it's way too cute to fix. :)
  • I was getting ready the other day and Claire was playing in my closet. I thought she was trying on my shoes like usual, but a minute later she walks out of my closet holding up a piece of lingerie and asks, "Mama, this your fancy gown?" How do you even respond to that?
  • Claire saw an alligator in person a while back. She waved hi and said, "Nice to meet you!" This is the same girl that sobs when she sees a bird from a distance. 
  • I was reading a book to Claire about the Disney princesses getting married and one of the princesses got a wedding ring. I showed her my ring and explained that Daddy gave it to me when we got married. Then we had this conversation:
Claire: My got married. And I got a wedding ring. And my wear a faaaaaancy gown and danced together.
Me: Oh really? Who did you marry?
Claire: DADDY!!

  • My niece (age 3) followed me around on Sunday asking how the baby was going to get out of my tummy. I think I created a fun conversation for my brother. Sorry, Ty.
  • Claire likes reading books much, much more than reading her toddler scriptures. So the other night when we told her it was time for scriptures, she said that mommy's hands were "too tired" to read scriptures and that we needed to skip ahead and just read books. 
  • Richie was at the grocery store by himself the other day and a worker asked him if he had daughters. After saying that he had one, she said, "I figured. Because you have a princess sticker stuck to your back." I'm so glad that I'm not that only person that this happens to. ALL the time I get home from a public place and notice that there's stickers stuck to me!
  • Earlier today I told Claire that I was going to go to the bathroom (this happens quite frequently, being 38 weeks pregnant and all). Claire started sobbing and yelled, "Noooo you CAN'T go to the bathroom! Once daddy gets home, then you can go pee pee!" It was like 10:00 in the morning, so I obviously wasn't going to wait and I went to the bathroom right then. At 4:00 when Richie got home, the first thing she yelled when he walked in the door was "Mamaaaaa! You can pee pee now!"

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