Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Playing Catch-Up

Another month has gone by without much on the blog. We've been busy getting ready for baby Connor's appearance. And now he's almost here! I need to do some serious catch-up in the next few weeks. :)

Claire had a couple of her friends over for a Christmas party. They all decorated cookies. Claire took her decorating job very seriously. 

Our tree.

Claire waiting for her food at wingers.

Claire in her Christmas dress.  

Isn't she just so beautiful?

Claire calls this dress her "fancy gown." Whenever we play dress up recently, she puts this dress on, pulls me by the arm to the front room, says that we're going to a "fancy ball," and we dance together.

 Claire and Mommy before church. 

Daddy and Claire before church. 

This Santa hat was a birthday present for Uncle Matt. Claire had to try it out before we gave it to him. 

Eating lunch. 

Claire loves the snow so much. I thought it would be hard for her to not be able to play at the park every day. Boy, was I wrong.  

She thought playing on her "rocking horse" in the snow was fun. 

Claire's favorite thing to do in the snow is to make snowmen. Her second favorite thing is to have her 8-month-pregnant-mom run in circles with her. 

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