Sunday, January 25, 2015

New Year's Eve

We spent New Year's Eve at Nana and Papa's house. The kids got to play Bingo before they went to bed. 

They sported some cute New Year's gear. 





Nana ran the game of Bingo. She was really good at peeking at the kid's cards to see what they needed to win. All the kids got a turn at winning the game. :)

Claire was surprisingly good at Bingo! We'll have to play with her more. 

Kate watched. 

On Netflix, there was a countdown that you could start at any time. So we let the kids stay up until "midnight" and have their own countdown. 

They ran around with noise makers and party hats. 

Claire got really into it haha. 

The boys played video games for a while. 

We did bedtime routine and sent all the kids to bed. Once the kids were down, the older boys had a wii tournament. The girls watched and chatted. 

Happy New Year!

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