Tuesday, January 20, 2015

December 23rd

On the 23rd, my parents both worked in the morning. So we gathered the grand kids together and took some pictures as a surprise gift.

We did this first pose outside and got a few cute photos.
  Then we went inside and tried another pose. This one didn't work out so well haha. 

I was quite impressed that with six children, we were able to get pictures at all. And Nana loved her gift, so it was all worth it. :)

We played during the day, had a yummy dinner, and then another dance party while we waited for Santa to come.  

The kids couldn't wait for their gifts!

Watching them all dance was SO cute. <3

Claire got a little worn out from the dancing...

Santa finally came! And he even brought an elf to help distribute the gifts. 

Claire sat on his lap and chatted for a minute, but she was even more interested in opening the gift that he brought. 

Richie with Santa. 

Lauren and Connor sitting on Santa's lap. 

Claire was so excited that Santa brought his first gift. 

Even Connor got a gift!

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