Tuesday, January 20, 2015

December 20th

The Saturday before Christmas, the Gwilliam Clan was finally all in the same state. We let the kids play together while the adults all chatted. It was SO fun to see Claire get to play with her cousins.

Claire and Lily. 


Claire decorated all these cookies by herself. She was in heaven. :)


Kate eating a little snack. 

The kids all helped Nana decorate the kid tree. 

One of the kid's favorite activities was playing with playpit balls in the basement. 

The adults would launch the balls at them as they ran from couch to couch. 

Kathie and Amy were in on the action. 

Uncle Richie played with the boys too. He was a much better aim than Aunt Lauren. 

The kids all made homemade ornaments. 

Gavin coloring his ornament. 



The boys watched sports together. 

Little Penny came over to play. 

Kate thought it was cool that she got to color her own ornament. 

Claire didn't want to pose for the camera to show off her ornament. 

Brynn playing with a puzzle. 

Claire, Lily and Brynn playing together. 

 The kids all feasted on Mac and Cheese. 

Saturday was a day that we didn't have any activities planned outside of the house, but it was one of my favorite days! Claire would play with her cousins in the basement, and then every 30 minutes or so she'd run up the stairs and tell me all about her "best friends" and what they were playing with. It was also fun to catch up with all my siblings!

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