Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve we headed up to Kaysville. The first thing we did was dress Claire up in a family dress to take pictures. Every girl in the Preece family has a picture in this dress. :)

Afterward Claire played with some of Nana's dress-up. 

Then we went to Station Park to ice skate. 

To say that Claire loved ice skating is a complete understatement. She had the biggest smile the whole time. 

She (obviously) is too young to ice skate on her own, so everyone took turns taking her around the rink.  

Mike, Claire, Nicki, Matt and Paige.  

Papa, Daddy, Claire, Nicki and Matt. 

Paige helping Claire. 

Paige spun Claire around in circles and she loved it!

Papa, Nicki, Mike, Matt and Richie. 

Daddy, Claire and Nicki. 

Matt helping Claire. 

Richie, Claire, Paige, Mike, Matt and Nicki. 

Mike helping Claire. 

Nicki helping Claire. 

Paige and Claire spinning again. 

That night, we had a gingerbread house contest. 

Richie and I worked on the Empire State Building. 

A train.

A snow village. 

 Claire decorated gingerbread men and snowmen. She made a huge mess haha.

Grandma Betty. 



Papa and Paige working on the Eiffel Tower 

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