Sunday, January 25, 2015

Christmas Day!

Claire got to sleep over at Nana and Papa's house Christmas Eve so she could wake up there on Christmas morning.

When she woke up, we walked down the stairs and peeked around the corner...

When she saw what was waiting under the Christmas tree, she sprinted towards the presents!

THIS is why being a parent at Christmas time is the best. 

I love how excited she was. 

Claire went through and pointed to each present asking, "This for me?"

She opened her stocking while we waited for everyone to wake up. 

Claire loved opening up her presents. 

Claire looked so cute in her different dress ups. 

We kind of stopped taking pictures because we were so excited about watching Claire open her presents. (Sorry future Claire!) 

Nana got cuddly blankets for the kids. Claire loves her Minnie Mouse blanket. 

Caydence and Will got a battery operated car for Christmas. They were so good at sharing and let Claire drive in it too!

After we finished opening gifts, we had orange rolls and breakfast casserole. We let the kids play with their toys all morning. At 2:00, we headed down to Taylorsville to visit Nana and Papa Gwilliam. I didn't take one picture down there. But we opened gifts and had Christmas dinner together and watched our annual family slide show. Hopefully I'll be better at taking more pictures next year! :)

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