Tuesday, January 27, 2015


We took Claire bowling on Saturday. She loved it!

She would roll the ball down her ramp and then turn around to see if I saw what she did. She didn't even care how many pins she hit down haha.
"Look Mom! I rolled the ball!"

This was her face every time she rolled a ball. 

At first Claire would come wait on my lap while Richie took a turn. She'd ask "Claire's turn? Claire's turn?" the whole time. 

After a while she came up with a game where she sat across from me...

...and then she'd have me take pictures of her shoes. And then she'd run around the table and look at the picture. 

I don't blame her--little kid bowling shoes are adorable!

Claire is finally big enough that she can carry her own bowling ball to the ramp. It made me SO anxious the whole time haha. 

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