Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Truth Tuesday

  • Claire has learned that the people who pass the sacrament at church are called deacons. She now feels the need to cheer for them. "Go deacons! GO! GO! GO!"
  • Yesterday Richie walked in the door from work. Normally when he comes in the door, Claire drops whatever she's doing and runs to him and hugs him. This time, she paused what she was doing, looked at him, looked back down at her playdoh and asked, "How was work, Daddy?" Apparently she wanted to be like Mommy haha. 
  • Claire pronounces hamburger incorrectly (hangerber). I've started saying it that way too in hopes that she'll continue saying it. I think it's way too cute to fix. :)
  • I was getting ready the other day and Claire was playing in my closet. I thought she was trying on my shoes like usual, but a minute later she walks out of my closet holding up a piece of lingerie and asks, "Mama, this your fancy gown?" How do you even respond to that?
  • Claire saw an alligator in person a while back. She waved hi and said, "Nice to meet you!" This is the same girl that sobs when she sees a bird from a distance. 
  • I was reading a book to Claire about the Disney princesses getting married and one of the princesses got a wedding ring. I showed her my ring and explained that Daddy gave it to me when we got married. Then we had this conversation:
Claire: My got married. And I got a wedding ring. And my wear a faaaaaancy gown and danced together.
Me: Oh really? Who did you marry?
Claire: DADDY!!

  • My niece (age 3) followed me around on Sunday asking how the baby was going to get out of my tummy. I think I created a fun conversation for my brother. Sorry, Ty.
  • Claire likes reading books much, much more than reading her toddler scriptures. So the other night when we told her it was time for scriptures, she said that mommy's hands were "too tired" to read scriptures and that we needed to skip ahead and just read books. 
  • Richie was at the grocery store by himself the other day and a worker asked him if he had daughters. After saying that he had one, she said, "I figured. Because you have a princess sticker stuck to your back." I'm so glad that I'm not that only person that this happens to. ALL the time I get home from a public place and notice that there's stickers stuck to me!
  • Earlier today I told Claire that I was going to go to the bathroom (this happens quite frequently, being 38 weeks pregnant and all). Claire started sobbing and yelled, "Noooo you CAN'T go to the bathroom! Once daddy gets home, then you can go pee pee!" It was like 10:00 in the morning, so I obviously wasn't going to wait and I went to the bathroom right then. At 4:00 when Richie got home, the first thing she yelled when he walked in the door was "Mamaaaaa! You can pee pee now!"

Day-to-Day Pictures

A lot of the pictures that I've taken recently are from just around the house. So here's a peek into day-to-day life.

Richie got a drone for Christmas. Claire loves sitting on daddy's lap and helping him fly his "helicopter."

Claire got a new doll house a couple weeks ago. She loves playing with it. She uses all her disney princesses and they take naps, go potty, eat at the table, etc.

I have Richie take a photo of me every week. These are a few of the more recent ones. 


Kate looked pretty dang cute wearing her mommy's sun glasses. 

Have I mentioned a million times that Claire loves playing in the snow? Because she does. 

Claire also has a fascination with puppets. We made these puppets one night and she thought they were the greatest thing. 

Claire put on a puppet show while I sat on the couch and watched. 

I tried to get a picture of me and Claire together before my baby shower a few weekends ago. Claire was SO hyper that we couldn't get her to hold still haha. 

This is how almost all the pictures turned out. Luckily we got a few of her looking at the camera. 

Before church a few Sundays ago, Claire looked so cute that I made her pose for a few pictures. She didn't understand the concept of standing a few feet away from the camera, so we had to have her sit on a mini chair. :)

She loves her clip-on earrings. They make her look so big!

She's such a pretty girl. 

 This is someone using a SELFIE STICK. I didn't know that people actually used those. 

This is Claire's "Elsa" hair style. I should have taken a close-up picture because it takes FOREVER to do. 

Richie took Claire to Kangaroo Zoo. He went with Landon, Tyler, Lily and Kate. 

Claire has loved play doh lately. She likes making "cakes" and then she puts matching "candles" in them. 

Claire sporting a cowgirl hat at the dollar store. 

Claire got to visit baby Emma last week. I hope she loves Connor as much as other babies. 

Every Saturday morning, I go into Claire's room once she wakes up and I tell her that Daddy doesn't have to go to work that day. The look on her face is priceless. She gets big eyes, repeats that daddy's not working today, and sprints into our bedroom. She shouts over her shoulder for me to go get books for them to read. Once I bring in the books, she always says, "Mama, you not sleep right here. My sleep right here." That's her way of telling me that I'm not allowed to get in bed with them. I would be offended if it wasn't so sweet to watch how much she loves her Daddy. 

Claire loves Princesses right now. Yesterday, she asked for Claire to be Cinderella, Daddy to be a horse, and she asked for me to go find her a bippity-boppity-boo carriage. A blanket is the best I could come up with for the carriage, and she seemed satisfied. They crawled around like this for a while until all the sudden Claire rolled out of the blanket, ran to me, and said that I was the "Cinderella Prince" and we were at the "royal ball." I love her imagination. <3

This is Claire's new chair for her room (it's mini if you can't tell). I'm finishing up decorating her room, and then I'll post pictures of Claire's room and Connor's room. She loves sitting on this chair and putting her feet on the ottoman. 

Lily and Claire played dress-up together a little while ago.  Lily made a cute pirate. 

Claire's favorite dress-up right now is Rapunzel. It's already getting beat up from being worn so much!

Claire put on a concert for us last Sunday. In her panties haha. 

Prettiest eyes award!

Claire was going through all her dress-ups earlier this week. Once she got to the Cinderella dress, she frantically said that she needed to find her duster. 

She brought out her whole toy cleaning bucket and started dusting our floor. 

Here's more pictures of Claire's tiny chair that I'm obsessed with. 

She's started reading herself books on the chair. She has a good chunk of her books memorized, so she "reads" them to herself. When she gets to one that she doesn't know, she looks at me, shrugs her shoulders, holds her hands out, and says, "My don't know how to read this one!" 

I have to blog about our trip to Orlando (from all the way back in November-oops!), and then I'll be caught up on the blog! Hopefully I can finish up before Connor makes an appearance. :)


We got a season pass to the Loveland Aquarium a while ago. I finally remembered to take my camera when we went yesterday. :)

 Uncle Landon also has a season pass!

I'm so glad he came with. I don't think I would have been able to keep up with Claire. He chased her around the whole time. :)

Lindsey and Penny have passes too. Anytime Claire gets to see Penny, she talks about her for the rest of the day. 

Uncle Landon following Claire up and down the ramps. 

We normally pack a lunch when we go there. Claire asked to eat lunch right when we walked in the door. It was only 10:30, so I told her she had to wait a little while. This little girl could probably eat a cow. 

Claire snuggled on Landon's shoulder while she ate. I have to bribe her with treats just to get short hugs normally, so I was pretty jealous.

The girls played on the little playground there. 

And they played on the "horsey" for a while. 

Claire's current favorite exhibit is the otters. Penny loves them too. Look at those two cute faces. 

Claire and Landon ran upstairs to drive the "big ship" before we left. 

We love the aquarium!