Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Truth Tuesday

  • Connor was sick a couple weeks ago and requiring the majority of my attention. During one of those busy days, Claire asked me for a cup of milk. "Mama, could I have some milk?" I immediately said, "Yes, Sweetie." and handed it to her. She looked at me, shocked, and said, "WHAT? You're supposed to say 'Just a second, Claire.'" Needless to say, after that I tried to give her a little more attention. :(
  • I try to eat my lunch when the kids are distracted with something else. The other day, I loaded up my plate with food and sat down to eat. I took my first bite of celery and Claire SPRINTED across the room yelling, "MOM CAN I HAVE ONE OF YOUR CHIPS?!" Apparently I need to cut back on the chips and eat more celery.
  • Claire's vocabulary is way beyond her years. She shocks me every day with the words she uses:
    • I printed out a Star Wars coloring page and handed it to Claire (without her asking for it). "Woah Mom! I didn't expect that to happen!"
    • Claire had her dance recital last week. We were asking her what she thought of it. Mom: "How did you like dancing on stage?" Claire: "I simply loved it. I want to do the same thing tomorrow at dance class!"
    • Claire asked if she could do a craft so I told her to take off her shoes and go sit up to the table. A minute later I hear her say, "Mom! I'm all situated! Will you bring me my craft now?"
    • I asked Claire to go make her bed because her big pink blanket was thrown on the floor. She comes back a minute later and says, "I put my brown blanket away as well, because it was on the floor as well."
    • I asked Claire what she wanted to do after nap time. "Let's play with toys. Such as Merida, Ariel, Aurora or Play Doh."
    • We went to the doctor to get Claire's cast put on. Once she was sitting in the exam room, I handed her a candy necklace. She turns to me and asks, "Is this to distract me?"
    • Last week I made breakfast for both the kids and set oatmeal in front of Claire. She peeks into the bowl and says, " Aaaw. I was expecting cereal. Oh well."
    • Claire's favorite food is spaghetti. The other day, we dished her up a plate and gave it to her. Apparently there wasn't enough sauce because she asked, "Could I have some more of that mixture?"
    • I told Claire that I was going to nurse Connor and put him down for a nap, and that I'd be back in a couple minutes to play with her. She gave a pouty face and said, "Ugh. You never keep me company."
  • Her advanced vocabulary cracks me up. But sometimes it's even funnier when she misuses words:
    • Claire was asking to play with me while Connor was crying (I found out later he was feeling sick). I told Claire, "Hold on. Connor needs my attention for a minute." She replied, "But Mo-om. I ran out of attention!"
    • Richie, Claire and I were playing during Connor's nap. Claire asked, "Mom, Dad? Are you guys going to do the hunky punky?" Richie and I gave each other the please-don't-mean-what-I-think-that-means-look. Claire did a couple awkward dance moves and we realized that she meant the hokey pokey.
    • Claire and I were playing board games one day before nap. I told her it was time to go to bed and she asked if we could play them again next week. I told her we could play board games anytime. She looked shocked and asked, "We can play board games? Even when we're not bored?"
    • We have to get creative to get Claire to eat her peas (she hates them). Normally I'll let her use a tooth pick to eat them. One day I handed her a dinner plate (with peas on it). She looked up at me and said, "Mom, you forgot my pook stick." We went back and forth a couple times before she could pronounce "tooth pick" correctly.
  • The other day Connor was starting to get grouchy while Richie was holding him. I told him that Connor was probably hungry and that I'd go nurse him. Claire gave Richie a look of pity and said, "Sorry Daddy. When you're big like Mom you can make milk."
  • Claire wears pull-ups at night. In the morning, our routine is to have her take them off herself and throw them away in the diaper genie. One morning I was sitting on the floor next to her while she started pulling down her pajama bottoms. She looks over at me and says, "Mama, you don't want to see this."
  • We were deciding what to have for dinner and asked Claire if spaghetti sounded good. She puffed out her chest and said, "Spaghetti is a feast I can't stand in the least!"
Merry Christmas everybody!

Monday, December 21, 2015

Temple Square

We braved the rain and went to see the lights at temple square. We went with the Preece family and had dinner at City Creek beforehand. 

I got Claire and Connor matching Minnie and Mickey hats and mittens and they finally got to wear them! I was so excited haha. 

The temple lights are always so beautiful!

Miscellaneous Pictures

Richie took some photos of the blood moon we had a while ago. 

Richie went to my brother's work and took a tour of the Concentrator (at the copper mine). He brought home a hard hat for Claire. I thought it was really sweet until he stuck ear plugs up her nose!

We received very specific instructions for how Claire's makeup should be for her dance recital, so I decided to do a practice run. 

Claire loved getting makeup on!

We had a small tree up in Logan when we lived in a small apartment, so we told Claire that it could be the "kid tree." She got to be the one to decorate it. 

The tree has ornaments bunched in clusters and the beads are randomly thrown on there. But I loved her concentration and thoughtfulness while she was putting it together, and I love her look of pride when she tells guests about her tree that she got to decorate. 

We went to festival of trees with some friends at the beginning of December. Claire loves Christmas trees right now, so I thought that would be her favorite part. But her favorite part was watching the dancers on stage at either end of the convention center. 

Claire and her friend ran around together at the festival and ran around at breakfast. I wish I had that kind of energy!

Connor and Mom getting ready to go to Susie's bridal shower together. 

I've spent 3 years matching me and Claire's outfits. Now it's Richie and Connor's turn. 

I redecorated Claire and Connor's bathroom. 

Richie designed the art in the red picture frames. He's so crafty! :)

Claire was a little disappointed that Minnie was wearing red instead of pink, but I think the bathroom has grown on her. :)

Richie has been so excited for Star Wars to come out! We found this cute potato head set online. Claire loves playing "Star Wars characters" with Daddy. 

One of Claire's favorite toys is play doh. She's started designing dresses out of play doh and it's so cute! She even rolls out little snakes and makes "straps" (sleeves) for the dresses. Notice Cinderella's purse. 

Sick Kiddos and Thanksgiving

My little family has been sick on and off for over a month now! It seems like we're sick one week, and healthy the next. 

Claire hasn't minded much because she's gotten to watch tv and play games with Dad. 

Connor has had a record number of baths the past month!

This was Claire's set up in her room one night. She was throwing frequently but she was so exhausted that she wanted to lay down. We compromised by covering her mini chair in blankets, sticking a trash can in front of her, and letting her watch the tablet. 

Claire was too sick to play in the snow, so we brought some snow inside for her to play with. All she did was stick her finger in it and then she fell asleep. :(

Claire would occasionally switch couches. 

Connor got the flu twice. The poor little boy was exhausted. 

He slept for a couple days after his sicknesses. 

It breaks my heart to see him sick, but I love snuggling with him. 

We had tickets to go to Disney on Ice, but I didn't want to risk taking Connor, so I gave my ticket to Becky. Claire was so excited to be with Nana!

Claire wore sweat pants to keep her legs (and cast) warm, a Belle dress and an Elsa jacket. 

That evening, Richie caught the flu too. He felt miserable! :(

Connor threw up on Tuesday and Thanksgiving was on Thursday. We were worried about getting people sick, so we decided to do our own Thanksgiving. We were sad to miss out on seeing the Preece family, but it was fun to learn how to cook our own turkey!

We kept our dinner simple: Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes/gravy, green beans, rolls and pumpkin pie. There's so many fun side dishes you can make for Thanksgiving, but we decided to play it safe for our first year cooking everything by ourselves!

Connor was excited for dinner!

Hopefully we'll be healthy next year! :)

Halloween 2015

Claire's cousins came over to our house this year for Halloween. The kids did Halloween games and a story. 

Griffin was a big helper and held Connor. :)

The kids all decorated sugar cookies. 

This year we dressed up as robbers, an inmate and a police man. 

We did this picture of the kids a week before Halloween. I convinced Richie that we needed a dress rehearsal, but really I just was so excited that I couldn't wait for their costumes. 

The kids all trick or treated together. We love having cousins so close!

Playing With Friends

One of the best parts about being a stay at home mom is getting to play while Daddy is away at work. Every week we do a play date with two of Claire's friends. 

Last week they decorated gingerbread men. 

Claire was very concentrated. 

They're such cute girls. :)

Quite a while ago, they went out to our apple tree and all asked to pick apples. The apples weren't ready to be picked, but we let the girls do it anyway haha. They washed off their apples...

...and then all took a bite. They all threw away their apples because they weren't very good haha. 

The girls decided they'd rather eat oreos, and they watched Cinderella for a while. 

Nana and Papa were helping Claire and Connor play fetch with Copper (the dog). I asked if we could take a picture of them and Copper posed for the picture. Ha!

Claire and Lily playing "dress up and picnic" together. 

Claire went to the aquarium with her friends. 

They loved looking at the giant fish in the South America exhibit. 

They really didn't want to turn around for a picture. 

We went to Thanksgiving Point with cousins. The kids rode the horses and loved it. 

Claire is getting braver and braver every time we go to the farm. This time she held still when she fed the animals!

Richie was working from home during a play date with cousins one day. Gavin and Griffin disappeared from the basement for a while. When I went to go find them, they were up watching Richie play Minecraft. All three boys thought it was pretty fun. 

We went to the Museum of Natural Curiosity and this is the only picture I have. (I didn't even take it. haha!)

We love playing with friends!