Monday, December 29, 2014


As I said in my last post, I was without a camera for a while. So the next few blog posts will be all pictures from my cell phone. As expected, they're all mostly of Claire. :) These pictures are back from September. Can you tell that I'm a little behind on blogging? 

Lily feeding Claire. It was the only way she would eat her squash at dinner that night. 

Richie was video chatting with Claire and they were sticking their tongues out at each other. Can you see Claire in the bottom right corner?

Claire LOVED getting to wear her "night gown" at the doctors office. She was in the 92% for height and 65% for weight at her two year check-up. 

We tried out a new pizza place and ordered Claire a kid's pizza. This was the CHILD'S PORTION. That thing was bigger than Claire. 

That day, we learned that Claire doesn't like pizza. That tiny bite is all she ate. 

This is when Landon visited us in September. Now he's moved back to Utah. Woo hoo!

Penny came over to play with Claire. Penny loved playing with Claire's toys. You can tell Claire was a little concerned about the whole sharing thing. 

This is when we potty trained Claire back in September. She opened up her princess and hello kitty panties and was so excited. 

We went to Tepanyaki with my family. This was Claire's face the entire time the chef was cooking. We probably should have warned her there would be fire haha.

Visiting Daddy during lunch break. 

I think Richie and Claire were watching football. 

Reading books at the library. 

Any time I french braid Claire's hair, I snap a picture to document it. It's getting a little bit easier the longer her hair gets. 

Richie and baby Emma. 

Me holding Baby Emma. 

Claire got to pick out a cupcake at the store once she went 3 days without an accident (during potty training). 

Best day ever! 

Playing with her favorite dress up. 

Doing a Spider Man puzzle while wearing a Cinderella costume. She's completely well rounded. :)

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