Monday, December 29, 2014


Visiting Daddy at work. 

Baby sitting Lily and Kate. The girls watched Cinderella and ate apples. 

I love her hair when we take out all the elastics. 

Claire's ultra comfortable tv watching position. 

Swinging at the park. 

"Daddy's turn to go down the slide!"

Climbing the rock wall. 

Claire is already a little OCD. So sorting beads by color is a fun activity for her. 

Claire loved holding/painting/carving pumpkins this year. 

Walking through the parking lot with Nana, Papa and Lily. 

Claire had a big day and fell asleep in the car before we started driving. 

Claire thought it was pretty cool that she got to ride in a "real" fire truck. 

Dandelions are Claire's favorite flower. 

Swinging at the park again. 

Visiting Baby Emma again. 

I hope Claire looks at our baby boy the same way she looked at Baby Emma. It was so sweet to watch her study and admire a tiny baby. 

I asked Claire what color she wanted her nails. "Ummm.. all the colors."

Playing at Kangaroo Zoo. 

I asked Claire what color she wanted her nails. "How bout.... rainbow?"

Richie helped Claire carve a pumpkin for the first time. 

This is the masterpiece they created. 

Claire picked out a Cinderella dress to wear on Halloween. She was so excited when we told her she got to walk around outside in her costume. The first 5 houses we went to didn't answer their door, so Claire thought that trick or treating consisted of walking house to house and ringing door bells. Just when Claire thought trick or treating couldn't get any better, someone answered the door and handed her candy. She loved trick or treating this year!

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