Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Heber Princess Train

We took Claire on a princess train back in October. Princesses and trains are two of her absolute favorite things, so she had a great time.

Nana dressed up as a queen. 

Ty and Amy went with too. Lily picked out a purple princess dress to wear that day. 

Claire and I wore matching Snow White dresses. 

All the girls. 

Claire and Mommy.

Lily and Claire. 

Daddy was such a good sport to come on the Princess train. He even sang along to some of the Disney songs. 

Lily and Claire are best buds. 

Claire's smile never went away. 

Claire and Daddy. 

Tyler and Kate.

Claire and Nana.

Lily sang "Let It Go" at the top of her lungs. 

The girls got cupcakes.

They met Anna and Elsa. 

Kate hung out with Daddy a lot. 

Claire and Lily shared an apple. It was so entertaining to watch. 

The girls had a "tea" party. 

Me and Amy. 

The Princess Train was so much fun! I think we've found a new tradition. 

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