Monday, December 29, 2014


Claire has loved crafts lately, She used pipe cleaner and put beads on them to make bracelets. I asked if she made them for me and she replied, "No. They're for Olaf and Minnie." 

My current favorite hair style for Claire. Too bad it never lasts through nap time. 

Richie took pictures of Claire wearing a Santa hat while I was gone. I couldn't get her to even hold the Santa hat when I was there!

Richie's work Christmas party.  

Claire has started sleeping in a "big girl" bed. We started off by taking the front off her crib. Once we knew she was doing well with it, we got her a real toddler bed. I'm re-decorating her room, so I'll post pictures of her new bed soon. :)

The first time it really snowed, we made a snowman. 

This little girl loves snow and snowmen SO much. It's a good thing we live in Utah!

 I'm not sure why I took this picture, but isn't she just so pretty?

We went to the aquarium and Claire rode the whale. 

Claire decorated sugar cookies with some of her friends. She loves decorating anything with candy and frosting. This year she decorated these cookies, ginger bread men, a ginger bread house, a gingerbread train, and a snowman. 

Claire playing ring around the rosies at her friend's house. 

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