Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Truth Tuesday

I haven't done a Truth Tuesday since July. I guess we're a little overdue! 
  • Claire saw a bowl of rice in one of her books we were reading and thought it was popcorn. She then asked me for some popcorn. I told her "no" and was a little surprised when she didn't throw a temper tantrum. She then walked away and while nodding her head, said, "Is OK. Nana get me popcorn."
  • I'm shocked at the phrases that have to come out of my mouth sometimes:
"Don't put food in your armpit." 
"Don't blow your nose on my foot." 
"Stop licking the gravel."
"Don't put granola in mommy's nose."
  • A while back, Claire was kicking me while I was trying to change her outfit. I very sternly said, "Don't kick me." Now her favorite thing is to yell "DON'T KICK ME" anytime we're in public (at the top of her lungs). She probably yells it 20 times every time we go to the grocery store. 
  • I think Claire is already learning what types of things embarrass me. Just yesterday, while waiting in the check-out line at the grocery store she asked, "Mommy poop in panties?" I told her that I hadn't so she yelled, "MOMMY POOP IN PAAAAAAANTIES!"
  • Claire loves playing at the pool. A lot of the time, we swim on our stomachs, sit her on our backs, and tell her that we're whales and she's riding a whale. I thought this was a great idea until Claire pointed at a chunky boy (who was also swimming on his stomach) and yelled that he was a whale. He obviously heard.
  • We were driving around the other day and Claire was begging for a snack. Richie told her that she could have a snack once we got home. Claire kept asking for a snack over and over, so Richie said,"Hold your horses, Claire." Claire frantically started looking out the windows asking where the horseys were.
  • Some people get told "great job" after giving a talk in sacrament meeting. Others of us just get asked for help on homework.
  • There are times as a parent that I'm simultaneously completely disgusted and completely impressed. 
  • Claire pressed her face against the mirror today and said, "Givin myself a snuggle." And then she sighed.
  • Richie and I bought a few new pillows for our bed. We sprinted back to the car because it was pouring rain. One of our pillows fell off the shopping cart, into a puddle, and then a car ran over it. I think that might have been rock bottom for me. 
  • Claire asked to see my belly button (in a really excited voice), so I opened my robe and lifted up my shirt to show her. Her face dropped and she whimpered, "Uuuuuuh... Close the door."
  • Last week, I learned that when you type "fast food" into your phone to your husband, it may end up saying "fat food." Sorry Richie.
  • Claire LOVES Dickey's BBQ because she gets ice cream if she eats all her food. A while back we ate there and as we were leaving, Claire noticed that a couple was eating ice cream. She ran up to them and asked (in a very lecture-like voice), "Eat aaaaaall your food first?" 
  • I am convinced that nothing is more tiring than having a two year old who thinks they can swim by themselves and breath underwater.
  • Sometimes as a pregnant woman I feel like a wonderful, glowing miracle-worker. Other times I feel like a beached whale. Today when I accidentally shut my stomach in the fridge, I felt more like a beached whale. 
Happy Tuesday everybody!

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sNick said...

Totally worth the wait. This has to be one of your best Truth Tuesdays.