Monday, October 20, 2014

Pumpkin Time

When we were living with my parents in the spring, we planted a garden. One of the things we planted was pumpkins. We finally got to pick some of them this last week. I was so excited that the pumpkins actually grew! 

When I walked in the door, my Mom snapped a baby bump picture. I don't think I've posted a bump picture on here yet, so here you go:

Ty and Amy also came over to join in on the fun. (Amy had surgery on her mouth and couldn't smile, just fyi.)

The girls were SO excited to be able to finally pick the pumpkins. For months, every time they'd go to the garden we'd tell them, "don't step on the vines" and "don't pull the pumpkins." 

Claire picked out this pumpkin. Her hair was french braided and looked super cute, but then it all fell out. I guess the crazy hair matched her crazy personality. :)

We had five pumpkins that grew. My dad snuck a few others into the patch so the girls would have plenty to choose from. 

The pumpkin picking gang. 

Matching bumps. 

The girls ran in circles for quite a while. 

Papa loaded up their pumpkins and took them to our cars. 

Lily and Claire

The girls decorated some Halloween creatures after picking pumpkins. Claire put together a dracula face all by herslef-I was so proud!

Lily made a spooky witch. 

Kate thought it was pretty fun to watch. 

I have pictures of our pumpkins decorated. I'll post them soon!

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