Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

As I've said before on my blog, I write everything down so that I can remember it later (and so Claire can read about it). Well, "everything" even includes the sick days, the days where Claire runs around in her jammies (or diaper) until 10:00, the temper tantrums, and the not-so-cute-photos. This post is all about the hard and heart-breaking parts of parenting (with a few blooper photos thrown in). 

This is Claire on a road trip. My family asked how we were doing so I sent this picture. 

This is when we were at my parent's house. Richie was at work and asked how Claire was doing. I sent him this picture. I guess I send lots of pictures in reply to questions? A picture says 1000 words. Also, I love that Claire slaps her hands to her face any time she's upset. It's like the cover to the Home Alone movie. 

Claire using her toes to eat in the car. 

Sometimes you're trying to get a cute picture of your child, and you end up with a butt crack. (which is still adorable at this young age.)

When I got a big bath tub, I fully expected my bath tub to look like this every night... 

But this is what it looks like instead. Claire thinks it's a much better alternative. :)

Richie asked how our day way going, so I sent him this picture. Claire was sick, so I was getting some rare snuggles while she sobbed on my chest. 

Claire was walking down the sidewalk with both pointer fingers up her nostrils. I told her to smile for the camera and she showed me both fingers and yelled, "BOOGERS!!!"

Claire was sick (again-she's been sick twice recently). This is what I meant by "heart-breaking." It's so hard to watch your child not feel well. She got to nap in our bed for the first time. I sat there and watched her for two hours because I was paranoid she was going to fall off, or wake up and be disoriented. haha

Claire's snack. 

My snack. haha

I told Claire that I needed to clean the tub before she could play in it, so she started kissing/licking everything. Also, notice the high heels/diaper outfit.

I tried to get a picture of the bow Claire picked out (It's WAY too big for her head and I wanted to document how funny I thought it was). This was the only picture I could get-her zoning out and stuffing her face haha. 

Claire's last round of sickness got me sick too. Richie came home from work after a looong day of both me and Claire being sick. He said he was going to go mow the lawn and I asked him not to so I could go nap while he watched her. He strapped Claire on his back so he could watch her AND mow the lawn. She thought it was the coolest thing ever. I think we might have a new tradition. :)

Claire eating a weed.

I was given advice when Claire was born to take a picture any time Claire did something "naughty." She's not quite to the stage of smearing paint over the whole house or coloring on the baby with sharpie marker, but I think we're getting there soon. So maybe this type of post will have to become more regular. We'll see. :)

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