Sunday, September 21, 2014


I know September isn't over, but I have lots of pictures from my phone already this month. 

Uncle Landon flew out to visit while he's on break with school. Claire and Lily thought that was pretty fun. 

Uncle Landon reading books. 

Play Doh mustache 

Claire's little gut hanging out. 

Claire used to be terrified of dogs. But now she loves them and wants to pet them. Here's the proof:

Reading books with Daddy. I think I took this picture to remember Claire's awesome hair. When we take her elastics out, she always resembles Einstein. 

Kate hung out like this for a looong time. Looks comfortable, right?

This is my favorite outfit of Claire's right now. Some day she's going to look at this picture and say, "MOM. What were you thinking when you put me in that outfit?!"

Watching football with Daddy. 

Nana was reading a book to Lily and Claire. Right when Gavin and Griffin heard her voice, they sprinted to the couch. Book time with Nana is so fun!

Claire and Lily walked together to the Garden, picked out tomatoes, and then brought them to Papa to wash them. I was impressed that they only picked the red ones! 

Here's a pumpkin from our garden. We have five so far. Can't wait to carve them!

Claire and Mommy at her first dance class. 

Claire playing at the park after dance. 

This is still the best part of The Little Mermaid. 

Anytime I take Claire to this particular park, she wants to sit on this exact bench and eat snacks. Any other park we go to she'll play on the slides and swings. haha 

Claire lost her Thomas balloon so Uncle Landon rescued it for us. This was two weeks ago and Claire is still talking about how "Landon get balloon out sky??"

This is the kitchen that we made for Claire. And when I say "we" I really mean "Richie." I did a really good job of supervising and bossing him around though. 

Claire LOVES fire trucks, so when we saw one in the church parking lot we had to go check it out. 

Nana teaching Claire how to play the harp. 

Nana teaching Lily how to play the harp. 

Claire and Lily playing the piano together. 

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