Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Museum of Natural Curiosity

Claire and I went with Nana, Caydence and Will to the Museum of Natural Curiosity. They loved playing with all the different activities there. 

Claire played with the puppets. 

Caydence helped to put on the puppet show. 

Will and Caydence made giant bubbles. 

Caydence and Claire played with sand on pottery spinning wheels. 

They colored pictures together. 

Caydence drove a train for a while. 

We headed outside to play on some of the outdoor things. Caydence held Claire's hand on the walk. 

We played with the instruments. 

Then we headed to the water station to cool off. They have such a fun setup for kids! 

Claire and Mommy. 

Claire and Will. 

Claire loved getting to spend the day with her cousins and Nana! 

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