Saturday, September 20, 2014


I'm a little bit behind on blogging lately (in case my huge wave of posts didn't tip you off). I'm left with tons of random pictures that really have no category. So here they are!

Me and Landon with our cat, Sadie. 

Claire got an american flag in nursery. She carried it around for a few weeks. 

Fast asleep. I miss being able to snuggle her while she's sleeping. Good thing we have a little newborn on the way. :)

Claire and Lily being read bedtime stories at their sleepover. 


Claire drinking a smoothie at Jamba. She even makes eating cute. 

I love playing with Claire's legos. 

Claire playing in the sprinklers. 

Claire snuggling in a blanket after playing in the sprinklers. 

Now, onto random August pictures!

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