Thursday, September 18, 2014

Griffin and Landon's Birthday Party

Griffin and Landon had a joint birthday party at Nana and Papa's house this year. I can't get the pictures that my mom took to load, so I just have a few from my own camera. 

When I asked my mom what I could do to help set up, she said, "Oh we don't need anything. We're really making the party low-key this year." And then I go outside and see a bounce castle set up haha. It was such a cute party. Everything was super hero, so Griffin especially loved it. 

Claire thought the bounce castle was so great. She didn't want to stop bouncing long enough for a picture, so I had to hold her still haha. 

She would come out for a water break, and then crawl right back in for some fun. 

We all dressed in super hero outfits. I was pregnant spider man. 

Claire looked adorable in her superman costume. I'll load pictures later if I can get them to work! :)

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