Saturday, September 13, 2014

Claire's 2nd Birthday!

Claire turned two today! I can't believe how big she is getting. We love this little girl so much. She makes us laugh every day with her funny sayings and her devilish laugh. Happy Birthday Claire!

When Claire woke up this morning, she had a new kitchen waiting for her. Richie's been working for months on this project.

She loves it! She played with it all morning. 

We decided to do a Snow White Party since that's (currently) her favorite princess. 

Nana was the queen and Claire was Snow White. 

Mommy was also Snow White. (pregnant Snow White)

Lily also dressed up as Snow White.

Belly shot!

Nana, Papa and Paige brought some cute balloons. 

 We had a big breakfast with everyone-one of Claire's favorite meals. 

All the foods were Snow White characters. Dopey dip, Grumpy grapes and Snow White Strawberries. 

Doc Drinks
Sleepy scrambled eggs

Prince Pancakes

Happy hash browns

Sneezy sausage

Bashful Bacon (this was Claire's favorite!)

Claire started eating before anyone else. She loves pancakes!

Lily and Claire played Pin the Apple on Snow White

Claire decided that she didn't need a blind fold. Ya know, since she's the birthday girl and all. 

Lily still won haha. 

For party favors, everyone decorated their own caramel apples. 

Paige and Grandma concentrating on their apples. 

Amy's finished apple. 

 Claire was spoiled with gifts. 

Here's Claire demonstrating her advanced reading skills. 

The party was so much fun! Thanks to everybody that came!

That night, Claire got to eat her football cupcake (that's what she picked out at the bakery).

She LOVED the frosting. 

Claire ate all the frosting and then didn't want the cake. "Mama, no want cake. Just frosting. Lotsa frosting!"

Happy Birthday to the sweetest baby girl. We love you Claire!

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