Tuesday, September 16, 2014


We went bowling with (almost) the whole Gwilliam clan a little while back. I can't believe I haven't taken Claire bowling more often. She loved it so much!

Here's a picture of all the grand babies together. 

Current (and future) grand babies. 

Claire stuck her finger in her nose any time we aimed the camera at her. 

Claire was bummed out any time it wasn't her turn. And then her face lit up any time we told her it was her turn to go. 

Tyler helping Lily to bowl. 

Kathie helping Gavin. 

Gavin, Lily and Tyler. 

Richie helping Claire push the ball. 

Papa and Brynn. 

Nana and Kate. 

Brynn even got in on the action. She loved bowling!



Lily and Ty-Ty. 

Nana and Brynn.

Lily Bowling. 

Brynn was just a tiny bit excited to see the pins get knocked over. 

Griffin concentrating. 

Claire and Daddy. She loved pushing the ball and watching it roll. She didn't really care about the pins knocking over haha. 

It looks like we'll need to bowl lots more in the future! Anybody want to go bowling?

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