Sunday, September 21, 2014


Here's a few more pictures that I've pulled from my phone... 

Claire eating corn at Chili's. 

Our little family. 

Claire thought church was a little boring a few Sundays ago haha. 

Claire and Lily hanging out on Lily's bed. 

On a date with Daddy at Dickey's. 

Playing in the sprinklers. 

Climbing on the rocks in the front yard. 

Playing with Caydence and Will. 

Claire loves having visitors!

Claire begged me to let her wear her boots in August. 

Trying on our Superman outfit. 

Claire hanging out in the baby swing. 

Richie holds his arm like this any time we drive in the evening so the sun isn't in Claire's face. He's a lot sweeter than I am. 

Visiting Daddy at work. 

Playing in the baby exersaucer. Claire will have to learn to share. :)

My arms at church. I (sometimes) get them all off of me before teaching primary. 

Claire playing with legos. She probably spends an hour or more every day playing with them. 

Richie making me peach pie. 

Two more blog posts and I'll be all caught up! 

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