Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Have I ever mentioned that Claire loves buses? Well, she's a little obsessed. When we drive down the road, she yells, "YELLOW BUS! YELLOW BUS! YELLOW BUS!" My mom's friend happens to have a school bus (and a tractor and a horse--some of Claire's other favorite things), so we went over to visit. 

I debated publishing this post on our blog. I was worried that none of our readers would "care" about Claire pretending to drive a bus. But I imagine that one day Claire will read this blog. She'll probably be freakin' embarrassed at most everything I post. But whenever I post pictures of her, or talk about her cute personality, I imagine that I'm helping her to get to know herself as a toddler. And she'll get to see all the weird things that we did to try to make her happy. So there ya go, that's why I'm posting about a YELLOWBUSYELLOWBUSYELLOWBUS. 

To say that Claire was excited is a complete understatement. Watching her face as we drove up was awesome. I should have recorded the whole thing haha.

She honked the horn. A lot (Sorry neighbors).

And "drove" the bus. 

A lot. 

Some more honking. 

Happiest little girl ever.

We also went over to the tractor so she could "drive" it. She wanted to immediately go back to the bus. I was surprised because she always loves looking at tractors when we're driving in the car. She always says, " Yellow tractor. Dig. Dig da dirt!" Luckily it's summertime and we live in Utah. So if you drive more than 0.5 miles, you're guaranteed to see construction/tractors somewhere. :)

Claire went back to the bus and ran up and down the aisles until her cheeks were red. 

We also went to look at horses and goats. 

Claire thought that this was the funnest house ever. Thanks Art and Vickie for letting us come play!

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