Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Have I ever mentioned that Claire loves buses? Well, she's a little obsessed. When we drive down the road, she yells, "YELLOW BUS! YELLOW BUS! YELLOW BUS!" My mom's friend happens to have a school bus (and a tractor and a horse--some of Claire's other favorite things), so we went over to visit. 

I debated publishing this post on our blog. I was worried that none of our readers would "care" about Claire pretending to drive a bus. But I imagine that one day Claire will read this blog. She'll probably be freakin' embarrassed at most everything I post. But whenever I post pictures of her, or talk about her cute personality, I imagine that I'm helping her to get to know herself as a toddler. And she'll get to see all the weird things that we did to try to make her happy. So there ya go, that's why I'm posting about a YELLOWBUSYELLOWBUSYELLOWBUS. 

To say that Claire was excited is a complete understatement. Watching her face as we drove up was awesome. I should have recorded the whole thing haha.

She honked the horn. A lot (Sorry neighbors).

And "drove" the bus. 

A lot. 

Some more honking. 

Happiest little girl ever.

We also went over to the tractor so she could "drive" it. She wanted to immediately go back to the bus. I was surprised because she always loves looking at tractors when we're driving in the car. She always says, " Yellow tractor. Dig. Dig da dirt!" Luckily it's summertime and we live in Utah. So if you drive more than 0.5 miles, you're guaranteed to see construction/tractors somewhere. :)

Claire went back to the bus and ran up and down the aisles until her cheeks were red. 

We also went to look at horses and goats. 

Claire thought that this was the funnest house ever. Thanks Art and Vickie for letting us come play!

Jackson: Part 2

I was going to divide the Jackson trip into a few different blog posts, but I'm SO behind so I think I'll just do the rest of the pictures here.

It's tradition to stop at Jackson Hole and get ice cream at the very beginning of our trip. We took our ice cream to the park and the girls loved playing with Papa. 

The Gwilliam clan in front of the antler arch. 

Scotty Dog and Heathen. 

My parent's friends, the Thomas's, came with to Jackson. 

Claire playing in the park. 

Lily and Ty

Claire and Lily played ring around the rosies. 

We also stopped at Burger King on the way to Jackson Lake. Burger King is not exciting at all, but I loved this picture of the girls wearing their crowns. They loved spending time with each other on the trip. 

Me and Amy.

Traveling in the Car. Claire was exhausted. 

We took a hike up to Hidden falls. Claire was exhausted (again) and wanted to snuggle on my shoulder the whole way. The water falls were so pretty and carrying a 27 lb baby on my hip the whole way was totally worth it haha. :)

Mommy and Daddy in front of the falls. Aren't they the cutest?

On our way up the mountain. 

Claire had a sudden burst of energy and decided she was ready to walk on the way down the mountain. 

We took about twenty pictures and this is the best we got haha. Remember how I said that Claire's favorite animal is a moose? Well, Nana went and bought these matching shirts for the girls after they got to see the moose on the lake. This is Claire's favorite shirt now. She calls it her "blue moose" shirt. She also has a favorite book now--If you give a moose a muffin. 

Eating grapes on Papa's lap. 

Kate and her daddy. 

Out to dinner.

Claire took this picture. Pretty good, right?

The girls at the marina. 

That's all the pictures (I think!). Jackson was great!

Jackson Hole: On the boat

I decided to go to Jackson Lake with my family at the very last minute. I left Richie behind for a few days. We missed him so much, but at least we got to go to one of the prettiest places on earth. Seriously, anyone who hasn't been here needs to plan a trip.

The whole trip, every where we'd go all I could think was, "How did I come here every year as a child and not appreciate how gorgeous it is?"

Anyways, my family loves boating so lots of the pictures from the trip are on the boat.

Claire singing "wheels on the bus" with Amy. 

 Papa let Claire drive the boat. She was completely terrified and sobbed haha.

Look at that little hand over her little mouth.

Lily thought it was a lot more fun to drive the boat. 

Kate got a chance to drive the boat too. It was potentially the best day of her life. 

Favorite picture from the trip.

Snuggling with mom. Please notice our matching hats. :) Claire might be a little embarrassed in this pic. 

We had great luck with wildlife on this trip. We saw bears, deer, eagles, and this moose. We saw this guy on the shore line and followed him up and down the shoreline for twenty minutes. It was a pretty cool experience. 

Claire being cute. 

Claire and Lily explored the wild with Lily's binoculars. 

We were going on a boat ride one night, and Amy invited a non-english-speaking chinese family on the ride. It was probably the funnest part of the day. They were so amazed by the boat and the scenery. I'm pretty sure they took 1000 photos between the three of them. 

Claire being cute again. 

This is a picture with the moose behind us. I wish you could tell from the picture, but Claire was upset that I made her turn around for the picture. She LOVED following that moose around. The moose is her current favorite animal because of this trip. Every time we see a moose in a book, she says, "Moose. I sawed one. sawed MOOSE!" 

Lily exploring. 

Papa driving the boat. Notice that his hat has scotty dogs on it--very appropriate for someone whose nickname is Scotty Dog. :)

What a cute little family. 

Lily was a champ and went swimming with her Daddy. Keep in mind that this water is glacier run off, so it's super, super cold. She loved it anyways.

Amy and I on the boat. 

Papa and Lily Fishing.

I love this picture where they're looking at each other. 

More pictures to come!