Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Truth Tuesday

Hey Everybody! It's been a pretty crazy week with moving into our new house, but I think we're pretty much settled. Today's truths might be mostly about our house 'cause, ya know, that's pretty much all that I'm thinking about lately. :)

  • We sold all of our moving boxes on KSL. The price? A bag of oreos (It was a pretty good deal, considering it was about $100 worth of boxes). The loser came and picked up my boxes and DIDN'T GIVE ME ANY OREOS. I'm still so mad.
  • Seriously. That man better pray I don't see him in a dark alley somewhere late at night. 
  • I finally have a garage to park in! It's life-changing. Now I just need to figure out how far to pull into it. My new neighbors probably think I'm such an idiot because I always park, walk around to the back of my car, see that I pulled in too far (or not far enough), and have to move my car again. I'll figure it out eventually. 
  • I also have a pantry. Now I can easily hide from Claire and eat my candy.
  • I had a dream that I entered Claire into a Jesus look-alike contest. She won. 
  • I showed Claire Beauty and the Beast for the first time the other day. She already knows most of the princess names from her books, so I showed her the DVD case and asked her who it was. She told me it was Belle and a Walrus. 
  • My biggest fear is people finding out what outrageous road rage I have when I'm driving alone. It doesn't happen very often because Claire's normally in the back seat. But when it does, people get called "jackholes" left and right. 
  • My singing has sounded amazing since we moved into our new house. It's nice not having to tone down my renditions of Let It Go and Do You Want To Build A Snowman?. 
  • Just kidding. It's actually that my front room (where we play almost all day) is hardwood floors and vaulted ceilings, so it's like one big giant shower. Pretty sure I could be tone deaf and the acoustics would make me sound great haha. It's still fun to sing. :)
  • Yesterday, Claire put a hand on each of my cheeks while I was singing and said, "No. No song Mommy. Scaaaaary!"
  • This is what I look like when I'm running up the stairs from the basement. Why are basements so scary?
  • My usual tradition of sprinting top speed up the stairs is hindered when Claire goes to the basement with me. I always feel pretty heroic when I stand behind her and walk up the stairs slowly. Because I'm obviously keeping her safe from the sketchy things lurking in the basement, just by me standing behind her. 
  • True love is cleaning out the poop from under someone else's fingernails. And guarding them from basement monsters.
  • I asked Claire what she wanted for lunch the other day, just to see what she'd say. She asked for chicken nuggets, juice and bacon. That's my girl.
It's time to go put away boxes. Happy Tuesday! 

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Natalie said...

Oh my heck you are so funny! I loved every second of this. Especially the Jesus dream. You are so much like me. I'll help you track down Mr. Oreos if you split the winnings with me. Ok fine...I'll take 30%