Thursday, July 3, 2014

Life Lately

 Claire loves playing outside. She especially loves playing with the hose. She's getting a little better at not spraying her outfit every time. 

Claire and Penny having a staring contest. 

This was in the middle of Richie's haircut. I told him that he should leave it. Maybe bowl cuts will come back in style? 

Bath time.  

I told Claire that we were going to send a picture to daddy. She ran and got Ariel and Snow white, and then told them to say "cheeeeeeeeese" for the camera. Love her. 

"Pleeeeease no cut? BIG apple! No cut?"

We've been going to my former elementary school because it's the closest playground to my parent's house. She loves the mini house there.

Slide time!

Claire can't make it longer than thirty minutes at the park without asking for a snack (pronounced: nack). 

If it's above 80 degrees, Claire will turn bright red within a matter of minutes. Unfortunately for her, she got my genes. 

Reading with Uncle Landon. 

Claire is no longer allergic to eggs. Hallelujah! This is her eating french toast (and not breaking out in hives). She's also acting like a little dork in the picture.

Claire's hair after taking out the elastics. 

Claire wanted to sit in Kate's exersaucer. I don't think it was as fun as she was expecting. haha

Claire eating a snack at the park. Who's surprised? 

Modeling at the park. Love this girl.  

Sleepover with Lily. 

Claire and Lily went to go look at a potential house with us and immediately ran into a bedroom and started playing ring around the rosies, completely unprompted. So cute.

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