Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Truth Tuesday

Hey Everybody! It's been a pretty crazy week with moving into our new house, but I think we're pretty much settled. Today's truths might be mostly about our house 'cause, ya know, that's pretty much all that I'm thinking about lately. :)

  • We sold all of our moving boxes on KSL. The price? A bag of oreos (It was a pretty good deal, considering it was about $100 worth of boxes). The loser came and picked up my boxes and DIDN'T GIVE ME ANY OREOS. I'm still so mad.
  • Seriously. That man better pray I don't see him in a dark alley somewhere late at night. 
  • I finally have a garage to park in! It's life-changing. Now I just need to figure out how far to pull into it. My new neighbors probably think I'm such an idiot because I always park, walk around to the back of my car, see that I pulled in too far (or not far enough), and have to move my car again. I'll figure it out eventually. 
  • I also have a pantry. Now I can easily hide from Claire and eat my candy.
  • I had a dream that I entered Claire into a Jesus look-alike contest. She won. 
  • I showed Claire Beauty and the Beast for the first time the other day. She already knows most of the princess names from her books, so I showed her the DVD case and asked her who it was. She told me it was Belle and a Walrus. 
  • My biggest fear is people finding out what outrageous road rage I have when I'm driving alone. It doesn't happen very often because Claire's normally in the back seat. But when it does, people get called "jackholes" left and right. 
  • My singing has sounded amazing since we moved into our new house. It's nice not having to tone down my renditions of Let It Go and Do You Want To Build A Snowman?. 
  • Just kidding. It's actually that my front room (where we play almost all day) is hardwood floors and vaulted ceilings, so it's like one big giant shower. Pretty sure I could be tone deaf and the acoustics would make me sound great haha. It's still fun to sing. :)
  • Yesterday, Claire put a hand on each of my cheeks while I was singing and said, "No. No song Mommy. Scaaaaary!"
  • This is what I look like when I'm running up the stairs from the basement. Why are basements so scary?
  • My usual tradition of sprinting top speed up the stairs is hindered when Claire goes to the basement with me. I always feel pretty heroic when I stand behind her and walk up the stairs slowly. Because I'm obviously keeping her safe from the sketchy things lurking in the basement, just by me standing behind her. 
  • True love is cleaning out the poop from under someone else's fingernails. And guarding them from basement monsters.
  • I asked Claire what she wanted for lunch the other day, just to see what she'd say. She asked for chicken nuggets, juice and bacon. That's my girl.
It's time to go put away boxes. Happy Tuesday! 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Truth Tuesday: Mormon Style

In order to fully appreciate today's post, you have to understand what I mean when I use the phrase "Claire laughed." Claire's laugh isn't your average high-pitched giggle. It's a full on growl/laugh. See below to understand what I'm talking about:

These are what we call the *Claire laugh.

This week's Truth Tuesday is going to be a little different. I want to give you all a glimpse of what a typical Sacrament meeting is like for the Preece family. For those of you who have already had the joy of witnessing Claire during church, remind me of what details I'm missing (or more likely, suppressing from my memory).

8:50: We arrive at church. I wonder to myself why we get here early, because that's just an additional ten minutes of trying to keep a two year old quietly entertained. 

8:52: Claire asks for her 7th toy out of the church bag. I get nervous-at this rate, we'll be out of toys before 9:00. 
8:57: Claire asks for a snack. She stuffs apple into her mouth and yells "YUM!!!" after every bite. She pulls each apple peel piece out of her mouth and puts it on my skirt. 
9:03: Church starts. I tell Claire it's time to be reverent. She *laughs.
9:05: Claire sings the alphabet. "A B C D E F G H Y J K L M M O P Q R S T V double X Y N Z. Next time next time next time sing a meeeee."
9:06: We sing the opening song. Claire cries because she's not holding her own hymn book. We hand her a hymn book and she laughs*. 
9:09: At the end of the song, I tell Claire to fold her arms for the prayer. She sticks her two pointer fingers together in front of her and asks if that is close enough. I tell her to fold her arms, not her fingers. Claire *laughs. 
9:10: Claire hears "Jesus Christ" during the middle of the opening prayer, and thinks that means it's the end of the prayer. She yells "Amen!" 
9:15: Claire pulls her Minnie Mouse stickers out of her bag. She names every body part she sticks one on. "Nooooose" (puts a sticker on her nose) "Faaaaaace" (puts a sticker on her cheek) "Other faaaace" (puts a sticker on her other cheek). 
9:16: The sacrament prayer ends and Claire yells "AMEN!" multiple times.
9:18: Claire knows that after the second prayer she gets a piece of bread. She repeats "bread bread BREAD BREAAAAAAAD" until the bread comes.
9:19: "Water next. Water next. Water next." Someone sitting around us laughs at her so she says it even louder. "WATER NEXT. WATER NEXT. WATER NEXT."
9:21: Richie holds Claire's sacrament cup for her and she takes a tiny sip of water, slurping as loud as possible, then she does her *Claire laugh and looks around to see if anyone is looking at her. She repeats this multiple times until the water is gone. 
9:23: Claire lets out a huge burp, *laughs, and then says "EXCUSE ME" multiple times. 
9:25: Claire plays with her magnetic coloring board and stickers.
9:26: I realize that Claire is entertaining herself. I lean forward, move my hair off my back, and ask Richie to scratch my back. 
9:30: Claire gets out Elmo stickers. I peel them off and hand them to her as she puts them on Nana's face and hands. 
9:34: Claire starts singing Itsy Bitsy Spider. Loud. I tell her to be reverent and she cries.
9:35: I hand Claire a new snack and the tears immediately stop. She, again, says "YUM" with every bite. 
9:40: Rest hymn. 
9:43: Claire thinks that the hymn is the closing hymn. Once everyone is done singing and it's completely silent, Claire yells "ALL DONE. AAAAAAAALL DOOOOOOONE!" 
9:45: Another speaker starts speaking. Claire looks confused, then sits down, defeated. 
9:46: Claire asks for crayons to color with. We spend a few minutes flipping through her coloring book to find a page she wants to color. 
9:47: Claire sets down a crayon on her chair and it rolls off behind us. The people behind us bend over, pick it up, and hand it to Claire. I tell her to say "Thank you."
9:48: Claire sets down a crayon on her chair and it rolls off behind us. The people behind us bend over, pick it up, and hand it to Claire. I tell her to say "Thank you."
9:49: Claire sets down a crayon on her chair and it rolls off behind us. The people behind us bend over, pick it up, and hand it to Claire. I tell her to say "Thank you." 
9:50: I pack away Claire's crayons because I'm embarrassed that I'm inconveniencing people repeatedly. 
9:51: Claire cries because she notices that I put away her crayons. We distract her with her cars. 
9:53: Claire repeats the colors of all her cars over and over.
9:56: Claire asks for her bus toy. I tell her that her bus toy is at home and we'll have to play with it later. She lets out a small cry and then gets distracted by her quiet book. 
10:04: Richie and I notice that Claire has been sitting on her chair, quietly playing for almost ten minutes. We give each other a why-couldn't-she-have-done-this-an-hour-ago-look. 
10:05: I lean forward, indicating to Richie that it's back scratch time again. 
10:06: I notice that the speaker has gone over his allotted speaking time. I shoot daggers with my eyes. 
10:07: Closing song. 
10:08: Claire repeats "Pretty song. Pretty song." until I agree with her that the song is very, very pretty. 
10:10: Closing prayer. Claire bounces the whole prayer, and then runs to nursery to see if her favorite leader is there that week. 

I honestly would rather just take a video camera to church one week and record the whole hour, but I don't think anyone would watch it. Except maybe me. Claire is tons of work at church, but she's so energetic and hilarious. I can't imagine a more entertaining little girl. Hopefully this gave everyone a better glimpse at Claire's sweet, crazy personality. 

Happy Tuesday everybody!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

July 4th

We celebrated the 4th up in Kaysville this year. We first went to the Kaysville Parade. Claire loved the parade so much! We had a spot saved in the shade but she wanted to be right next to the floats driving by. We'll have to find more parades to go to this year. 

Claire loved being with Will. Any time he got out of sight she asked, "Will go? Will? Will?"

Claire waved to the fire trucks driving by. 

Eating apples on Papa's lap. 

Jumping on Mama's lap. Claire got a new necklace to wear. 

Claire and Will were snack buddies. 

We couldn't get them to stop eating long enough for a picture haha.

They're still cute when they eat though. :)

Claire got to see Aunt Paige and Cousin Caydence in the parade. 

We went to Tarin and Danny's house afterward for a water fight and a BBQ. Claire thought the water balloons were the GREATEST invention ever. 

 Claire played in Caydence's little house. We might have to find one of these for Claire. 

Happy 4th!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Life Lately

 Claire loves playing outside. She especially loves playing with the hose. She's getting a little better at not spraying her outfit every time. 

Claire and Penny having a staring contest. 

This was in the middle of Richie's haircut. I told him that he should leave it. Maybe bowl cuts will come back in style? 

Bath time.  

I told Claire that we were going to send a picture to daddy. She ran and got Ariel and Snow white, and then told them to say "cheeeeeeeeese" for the camera. Love her. 

"Pleeeeease no cut? BIG apple! No cut?"

We've been going to my former elementary school because it's the closest playground to my parent's house. She loves the mini house there.

Slide time!

Claire can't make it longer than thirty minutes at the park without asking for a snack (pronounced: nack). 

If it's above 80 degrees, Claire will turn bright red within a matter of minutes. Unfortunately for her, she got my genes. 

Reading with Uncle Landon. 

Claire is no longer allergic to eggs. Hallelujah! This is her eating french toast (and not breaking out in hives). She's also acting like a little dork in the picture.

Claire's hair after taking out the elastics. 

Claire wanted to sit in Kate's exersaucer. I don't think it was as fun as she was expecting. haha

Claire eating a snack at the park. Who's surprised? 

Modeling at the park. Love this girl.  

Sleepover with Lily. 

Claire and Lily went to go look at a potential house with us and immediately ran into a bedroom and started playing ring around the rosies, completely unprompted. So cute.


A little while ago we went on a hike with Tyler, Amy, Landon, and all the little girls. It was a short hike, but it was still fun to let the girls run around outdoors. 

"Hey Claire, look at the camera."

Claire walking with Mommy.

Posing with mommy. 

Riding on Daddy's shoulders is WAY easier than walking.

These girls are so fun together.  

Landon took a picture of the rest of us. 

I had to take a picture of Landon as proof that he was there.

Afterwards we went and got a bite to eat. Lily was helping Claire eat her applesauce. She even showed her how to unhinge her jaw. :)

Tracy Aviary

Uncle Landon came to town and took us to Tracy Aviary. Claire loves birds so this was a special treat. 

This was by the duck/goose pond. It was her favorite spot.

Claire loves uncle Landon.

Claire also liked the owl exhibits. She said "hoo hoo" the whole time.

Mommy and Claire.