Sunday, June 8, 2014

Phone PIctures

So I had about two hundred photos waiting to be blogged about on my phone. Lucky for you guys, I narrowed it down to like 40. You're welcome.  Here's a mish mash of photos from the last month. 

Claire enthusiastically eating her popsicle. 

A Claire-sized shopping cart = eternal happiness. 

Claire and daddy. You can see where she got her pretty eyes.  

Playing dress up with Lily. 

I've gotten pretty good at making huge train tracks. 


Claire's bicycle collection. Just kidding. Only two of them are hers.  But she loves going from bike to bike at Nana and Papa's house. 

 Claire never wears her hair down, so I thought I'd post a picture so ya'll can see what it looks like. Doesn't she look so different? You can really see how light it is. I love her blonde hair. 

Finger painting.

Lily got a new swing set and invited Claire over to try it out. It was a complete hit. 

This was Claire at the zoo. I took this picture on my phone to send to Richie. I think I send him a picture of Claire every day haha.

 I put curlers in Claire's hair and she thought she was a complete beauty queen. 


Claire loves sitting in her mini Lawn chairs. And she wanted Snow White to join in on the fun. 

I babysat Lily and Kate one morning. How do you keep three baby girls entertained? Bubbles. Lots and lots of bubbles. 

 I took Claire's car seat out of the car one day. She saw it on the driveway and asked to sit in it. I put her in it and asked if it was fun. She said "no" and then asked to be buckled in. After I buckled her in she said "Fun. Car seat fun!"

Kate was sitting on Amy's lap. Lily got a little jealous and climbed up. Claire then thought that she needed to squirm her way onto Amy's lap too. These girls are all such good friends.

Claire loves having Papa and Nana read to her. 

Claire sitting on Lily's lap at our Memorial Day BBQ. 

As I said earlier, I send a picture of Claire to Richie almost every day while he's at work. Sometimes I sneak into the picture too. Claire LOVES copying my face on the front-facing camera. 


Have you ever taken three kids to a craft store? Not such a great idea haha. 

Snuggling with my cousin's baby, Penny. She's so sweet. 

Claire driving in her shopping cart car. 

Swinging on the neighbor's swing. 

Richie playing with a puppy. He loves boxers so much!

I had to take this picture of Claire because she just looked so guilty haha. 

This is another picture that was meant for Richie. Claire looks so happy. :)

Congrats if you made it this far! This is the end of my phone pics. Hooray!

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