Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Claire Pictures

I labeled this post "Claire Pictures" and then had to laugh, because I think almost every single thing I post on here could have that same label. These pictures that Nicki took were way too cute to resist posting. These are the unedited pictures so I might do another post later with the edited ones. Enjoy! :)

Claire riding the car ride at Liberty park. 

I guess I should clarify, Claire wasn't actually riding the cars. She just sat in them and posed. 

I dare you to look at this and not smile. 

she's naturally a model. 

Love her. 

Here's a picture where you can see her whole dress. It might be my favorite dress of hers. 

Playing with her necklace. 

Trying to crawl away. 

Running through the park. 

Hiding behind the rocks.

Last picture.

Does anyone else think these are the CUTEST pictures ever? 

1 comment:

Kathie said...

These are dang cute! I want to kiss her right now!