Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Truth Tueday

It's been a busy few weeks for the Preece fam. We're moving this Saturday, but I'm still somehow managing to throw together a TT for ya'll.

  • Claire is already a back seat driver. What one year old tells their parent how to drive? We're in for a little bit of trouble. 
  • We don't own any paper clips. You'd think that after four years of marriage (and college) that we'd have needed them at some point. Nope. 
  • I pulled a sock out of my dress at Church on Sunday. I pulled it out at the end of relief society. Apparently nobody felt the need to tell me that there was a big lump on my thigh when I was walking around. 
  • It was fast Sunday this last Sunday, which means I got to watch lots of mother's speak at the pulpit while holding their babies. I'm glad that I'm not the only parent that will use their toddler's head to itch their nose. I'm glad, however, to know that I haven't stooped to the level of using my kid's head as a tissue.
  • Good idea: taking pictures of your daughter on Easter Sunday. Bad idea: giving her bites of Starburst to get her to smile. Awful idea: giving her those Starburst 20 minutes before sacrament meeting. 
  • Seriously guys, don't give your kids candy before church. They'll be absolutely crazy and people will stare. 
  • I hate moving. It's so stressful. 
  • I'm so glad I married someone as organized as I am. Richie has color coded all of our moving boxes. 
  • Claire was a little grumpy one afternoon last week. She was in a mood where she did NOT want to be held or even touched. Claire was whining at Richie (who was sitting next to her on the floor) to stop touching her. Richie said, "Claire, Daddy isn't touching you. See? My arms are all the way over here." Claire swung her legs over and plopped them on Richie's lap, and then started crying at him to stop touching her. 
  • Did anyone else do that to their siblings when they were younger? Landon and I would do that all the time. 
"Quit touching me!"
(*puts finger one cm away from arm*)
"I'm not touching you!" 
  • Landon and I would also have arguments about who needed to put away toys, food items, etc. The whole idea was whoever touched it last would be the person to put it away. It would generally go something like this:
Mom: Landon? Lauren? Who left this milk out? Come put it away. 
Landon: Lauren used it last.
(* Lauren runs and touches gallon of milk to Landon's back*)
Lauren: Landon touched it last.
(* Landon runs and touches gallon of milk to Lauren's back*)
Landon: Lauren touched it last.
  • You get the idea. It would normally end with one us getting caught slugging the other person in the back with a gallon of milk. Happy memories.
  • Truth Tuesday got a little long this week. I guess I'm just delaying going back to packing boxes. Sigh. 
Happy Tuesday everybody!

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